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   I started tattooing in Sweden as a 17 year old. In March 2010, I began a proper apprenticeship at Zeal Tattoo in Kalmar, where Diego taught and raised me like a father I never had. During those years we traveled and participated in many conventions. I got to meet amazing artist from all over the world and formed many delightful relationships.

Today I work besides my painting as a freelancing tattoo artist certified and registered with the County of Los Angeles.

I was born 1990 in Stockholm Sweden where I grew up with my single mom. I started High School with studying media production and communication with emphasis in Photography and Graphic Design. That inspired me to first start blogging and express my teenage mind in photos, but ended up focusing more on tattooing. Once I was done with my apprenticeship, I moved out to California where I spent some time immigrating, adjusting, building a new life and painting. I live and have my studio based in Downtown Los Angeles, surrounded with amazing friends and people I love.

I like to keep in mind to never limit myself with the sources of Medium, which makes my work this swinging adventure. Every time I enter a challenge I have to admit that the amazing phenomenon of failure is what has taken me this far and will continue to provide me with knowledge.

Light and darkness are my lead stars to reflect into fantasies, satire and tales. Color is my oxygen, the universe my inspiration.


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